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 325nm and 442nm He-Cd laser



A range of He Cd lasers from RAYSCIENCE a highly tech and the oldest supplier of laser product in china. Output powers :- at 325nm - 5mW, 10mW, 25mW ; at 442 nm : 14 mW,50mW, 80mW.

The lasers come with industry's best warranty, longest average lifetimes and highest reliability. RAYSCIENCE pride themselves on the quality of their laser systems. The goal is to provide the highest quality technologically advanced He-Cd lasers, in the world. To achieve this build, produce and assemble everything for lasers in-house. One of the unique capabilities of the RAYSCIENCE production system is the ability to process raw quartz from their own quartz mines and produce our He-Cd laser tubes in-house. These capabilities obviously translate into higher quality products for our customers.



All RAYSCIENCE He-Cd lasers have an average lifetime in excess of 6,000 hours.

This data was gathered from the results of thousands of returned laser heads returned to RAYSCIENCE each year for new tubes, by customers-not from a limited number of in-house life tests. Typically, the smaller the lasers’ power the better the average lifetime.

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442nm He-Cd Laser

442nm He-Cd Laser

  • Price:¥0.00
  • He-Cd laser works at 442nm with 14mw, 50mW,80mW output.
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325nm He-Cd Laser

325nm He-Cd Laser

  • Price:¥0.00
  • He-Cd laser works at 325nm, with output power 5mw, 10mw and 20mW respectively.
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